Nick SaundersNick Saunders

Hi there, I'm Nick.

I'm an experienced software engineer focused on React, TypeScript, user experience, and design systems. I also dabble in functional programming.

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October 17, 20237 minutes
From CSS madness to CSS Hooks
The limited capabilities of inline styles have frustrated web developers for decades, forcing us to choose between unmaintainable architecture and complex workarounds. CSS Variables offer a solution.
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Hook into advanced CSS features from native inline styles.

In recent years, frontend developers have questioned whether traditional CSS "best practices" are a good fit for component-based architecture (like React). Along the way, we rediscovered inline styles, using brute-force workarounds like CSS-in-JS and Atomic CSS to overcome their technical limitations around hover effects, responsive design, etc. CSS Hooks offers a dramatically simpler browser-native solution built upon the programmability of CSS Variables.
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