Nick Saunders


Hi there, I'm Nick.

I'm an experienced software engineer focused on React, TypeScript, and Design Systems. I also dabble in functional programming via PureScript.

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Jul 31, 202315 min read
Function asChild
The pitfalls of polymorphic components, and how I use a time-tested React design pattern to overcome them
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Featured project


CSS in PureScript


With Tecton, you can confidently author CSS using a statically-typed language, protecting you from a wide range of CSS errors—some rather obscure. I built Tecton after finding other statically-typed CSS solutions to be cumbersome and outdated, limited to subsets of CSS that would not meet the needs of most real-world projects. On the other hand, Tecton uses advanced features of PureScript to deliver a familiar, flexible, and reliable CSS authoring experience.

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